Adopt Super Corals

Adopt a super coral and save the reef

Repopulate the reef with resilient corals that survived bleaching events

50% of coral reefs are already dead and the rest could be gone by 2050

But they are essential to our planet


of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean; coral’s symbiotic algae and other marine organisms.


people worldwide directly rely on the reef for food, income, coastal protection and more.


of marine life call coral reefs their home, while it’s only covering less than 1% of the ocean floor.


is the estimated worth of the resources and services they provide.

There is another way

A glimmer of hope appears

New resilient species of corals appear. We call them SUPER CORALS.
Our definition: corals who have proven to resist and survive hot water temperatures and bleaching events in the wild. Amidst these extreme conditions, these resilient corals are still thriving and should hypothetically spawn.

Why adopt super corals?

Super coral card

Receive a beautiful Super coral card to decorate your home.

Unique gift

Personalize your card, receive it at home and receive news about your super coral by email.


Each super coral adopted will allow us to plant fragments of their species each year.

Timeless gift

Corals are the oldest colonial animals in the world. Your super coral could keep on building the reef for hundreds of years to come.

How does it work?

01. Choose

From a selection of 10 super coral species.

02. Customize

Your Super coral card and give it a name.

03. Receive

Your Super coral card. Keep track of your coral by email.

I adopted a coral today, thank you for this opportunity! I named it with my mother’s name, I lost her last year, so now I know she’s in a wonderful place, and we helped our beloved Ocean!!!


It’s a cool idea, I have already adopted one but I’m thinking to adopt 4 more super corals for my family.


I’m gonna adopt a Super Coral for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is a healthy coral reef

@ skjanhavi

I adopted mine on my country’s Independence Day and named it Latvia



More than 21,000 corals have been adopted.

Media exposure

Beautiful yet fragile, coral reefs in tropical oceans worldwide are threatened by climate change, storms, and bleaching. Now travelers can help restore corals through replanting programs.

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As coral reef's ecosystem weaken due to mass bleaching events, ocean acidification, and other stressors, coral reef gardening (or outplanting) is being used to restore them. But the Coral Gardeners—a Mo’orea-based team whose mission is to “change the world, one coral reef at a time”—are raising awareness and funds for reef restoration projects like no one else, thanks to social media savviness, custom merch, and more.

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Titouan Bernicot discovered at age 16 that the beautiful and vital corals surrounding his island home of Mo’orea were dying. Taking it upon himself to restore the reef, he founded the nonprofit Coral Gardeners. Here he tells his story.

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A group of ocean kids from French Polynesia have an ambitious goal: to save the world’s coral reefs. Their first project is to restore the reef that surrounds their home-island Mo’orea.

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They save the reef with us

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Alt Text!

Cristina Mittermeier


Alt Text!

Guillaume Nery

Free diver

Alt Text!

Alexis Ren


Alt Text!

Nash Grier


Alt Text!

Jack Johnson


Here's what happens
when you adopt a super coral

01. We find

We identify resistant super corals in the lagoon and we tag them with a GPS.

02. We fragment

We don’t take more than 10% of the super coral donor.

03. We care

The fragments grow peacefully in our rope nurseries for several months.

04. We replant

Then, grown corals are trimmed and planted onto the degraded reef.

Choose your super coral

Alt Text!

Pavona Cactus

With its whorl-like patterns, this super coral can be compared to the open petals of a flower…or to a lettuce!


Alt Text!

Pocillopora Verrucosa

Also known as the cauliflower coral, this species is often eye-catching for its bright colors like this pink one.


Alt Text!

Acropora Hyacinthus

This species of coral can grow over 2m in diameter – creating structures such as this super coral that resembles a table or a plate.


Alt Text!

Porites Rus

This species of coral can grow very large and represents one of the main reef builders.


Alt Text!

Pocillopora Eydouxi

Perfectly defined, that super coral is truly reminiscing of a cauliflower – shape that earned this species its nickname.


Alt Text!

Pocillopora Damicornis

This clump of thin branches reminds the delicate and refined beauty of this super coral.


Alt Text!

Montipora Grisea

This one has some curves – this encrusting species is actually named after its ability to create "monts" between each polyp.


Alt Text!

Gardineroseris Planulata

This super coral first strike by its peculiar shape and when you watch closely, you get lost into its honeycomb patterns.


Alt Text!

Acropora Robusta

You’ve guessed it right; this super coral is robust. Those thick branches can thrive in a wavy environment.


Alt Text!

Acropora Muricata

The radiating (all over the place) branches of this staghorn coral create a perfect and complex habitat for thousands of fishes.


Alt Text!

make a bigger impact

sponsor a rope nursery


You embark on a journey

Digital card

You will receive a digital version of your adoption card so you can always have it with you and share it on social media.

Printed card - New!

You will receive a high-quality printed version of your card, to have a reef brought to you home!

News about your coral

You’ll receive updates about the life and growth of your super coral.

Exclusive content

You will have access to exclusive and educative content: chat, lives, videos and a lot more.

Technical specifications

Lustre photo paper

A 240gsm professional photographic paper ideally saturated to showcase the beauty of super corals.


21cm x 29,7cm

Water-based inks

The printing complies with environmental standards thanks to a water-based ink.

Sustainably sourced wood

The paper is made from wood that complies with the FSC label for the sustainable management of our ecosystems.

Meet the gardeners

We are Coral Gardeners


It all started in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the island of Moorea. Here, coral reefs shape our lives below and above the surface of the ocean.
We owe them everything: from every single wave we surf to every bite of food we eat and every breath of air we take.

In 2017, our project was born on Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. We started as a small group of island kids who were witnessing the rapid degradation of the coral reef around us and decided to take action.

Young, motivated and dependent on our natural surroundings, we are now made up of an international collective of advocates, scientists, engineers and creative people working to save the reef by revolutionizing ocean conservation.



You will receive the digital version via email, within the hour following your adoption. Check your spam!

If you still haven't received anything after one hour, please reach out to

You will receive the printed version as soon as the postal services enable it. Please be aware that because of COVID-19 and the Christmas period there are delays in deliveries.

Our adoption program changed on the 1st of December 2020. It is only since then that our offer includes a printed version of the card. Every adoption counts so we invite you to test the new super coral adoption for your next gift!

According to our definition, a super coral is a coral that already survived a bleaching event and has the capacity to spawn. Because it already survived past bleaching events and is still thriving, it is considered as more heat resilient than other colonies.

With super corals we aim at rebuilding a future-proof reef.

Now, you can adopt a super coral, you will receive a printed version of your coral card and in the future regular news about your coral.

Before, you could adopt a fragment of opportunity and you would only receive a digital version of the adoption card.

Plus, each super coral will keep on giving super coral fragments to our team to replant back onto the reef!

The printed version of the Super coral card product can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Coral Gardeners undertakes to do everything it can to ensure that delivery is made on time. Average delivery times are 5 working days in the UK, 10 working days in Europe and 14 working days outside Europe. These delivery times are indicative and could change due to outside events such as Covid-19.

Shipping costs are included in the price.

8.3x11.7" / 21x29.7cm