We are teaming up with GOT BAG to amplify our impact and create radical change for the future of our ocean. Together, we are addressing major threats to our ocean by launching a unique collaborative backpack collection that will not only help clean the ocean from plastic pollution, but also restore its coral reefs.

The ocean and its coral reefs are exposed to many anthropogenic threats, from the warming climate, that makes the ocean warmer and more acidic, to destructive fishing practices and pollution. Of all the different kinds of pollution, plastic waste is one of the most relentless, with plastic found on every part of our planet, even inside coral’s tiny polyps. Only less than 10% of all the plastic waste is recycled and if nothing is done, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our ocean and 90% of all coral reefs could be dead – the reason that we are joining forces with GOT BAG to protect our ocean.

GOT BAG is crafting sustainable merchandise to create innovative solutions to our ocean's challenges. Their bags activate the communities that spend most of their time on the water, creating a network of Indonesian fishermen to recover the plastic they pull in with their nets. The plastic collected from the ocean and mangroves areas are then pressed into pellets and turned into bags. Every GOT BAG product recycles up to 9.9 lbs of Ocean Impact Plastic and the proceeds of this collection also support our restoration efforts to plant 1 MILLION corals by 2025 to future-proof our ocean – that is radical impact, all in one.

We all have a duty as stewards of this blue planet to make more sustainable choices to avoid using and producing plastic, as well as recycling the plastic waste already out there. Be sure to check out the GOT BAG x CG collection on their website to support the preservation of our ocean and its reefs and raise awareness all at the same time!


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