The stoke is higher than ever here at Coral Gardeners as this past month the team and I got to meet our ocean conservation idol and mentor, Sylvia Earle. We met her during the Blue Climate Summit where we got to present our AI platform, ReefOS, to the local government and key players in the conservation sphere and share how it will revolutionize ocean conservation.

Then, we got an invitation to spend more time with Sylvia and other conservationists on a sailing trip around the islands of French Polynesia to speak on innovative solutions for the climate crisis. I was humbled, ecstatic and honored to be able to learn from my ocean hero, Sylvia.

We also had the chance to show her our restoration project and coral garden live at our headquarters in Mo’orea and get her advice on how to flip the narrative on the climate crisis. I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to spend time with the CG crew. Watch our video to hear what she had to say:

As for many, Dr. Sylvia Earle is a childhood hero – a world-renowned oceanographer, marine biologist, and National Geographic Explorer who inspired our mission to restore the ocean’s coral life. With over 7,000 hours logged underwater, Sylvia was the first person to walk solo on the bottom of the sea, and she stirs passion for the ocean like no other.

It’s inspiring and passionate people like Sylvia that are changing the game for ocean conservation, showing that we can and will have a thriving future ocean if we work together.

Join us along with our new ambassador Sylvia in a movement to save the future of our reefs – donate to plant corals. 



Maūruuru roa for your support,

Titouan Bernicot, Founder and CEO of Coral Gardeners


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