We teamed up with the World Surf League to raise awareness among the surf community about the importance of preserving coral reefs and we couldn’t be more stoked on the turnout.

To kick off the Tahiti Pro championship tour event in Teahupo’o, we hosted a coral restoration workshop that drew a crowd of over 100 people including WSL athletes, local surfers and kids from the school and the Tahiti Iti Surf Club. Teaching the groms how to garden corals and preserve their home reef alongside their surf idols made the event a success all on its own.

Together, we were able to add over 500 heat-resilient corals on 17 ropes to our latest nursery in Teahupo'o's educational marine area, which we recently set up as part of our plan to expand our activities beyond our island home of Mo'orea. The coral fragments will grow in the nursery garden for at least a year before being replanted onto damaged areas of the reef to revive it. Teahupo’o’s reef is famed not only for the world-class waves it creates, but also for the valuable benefits provided to the islanders, proven to be worth preserving. Have a look at our vlog to discover more about the wild side of Tahiti in Teahupo’o and our mission there.

After the Tahiti Pro competition, we had the pleasure of welcoming more pro surfers back to our headquarters on Mo’orea for another coral workshop. This time around, we got to show them how to create coral ropes, but also cookies of micro-fragments, teaching different kinds of restoration methods. The surfers added their coral ropes to our growing nursery and planted their cookies onto the reef on our restoration site in Tiaia, where they will grow alongside thousands of other corals to rebuild the ecosystem.

Thanks to our old and new friends now all part of the CG family who helped us hands-on to preserve coral reefs, including surfers: Matahi Drollet, Italo Ferreira, Miguel Pupo, Samuel Pupo, Vahine Fierro, Heimiti Fierro, Kohai Fierro, Kauli Vaast, Aelan Vaast, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Courtney Conlogue, Brisa Hennessey, Jadson Andre, Matt McGillivray, Isabella Nicols, Nathan Hedge, Eimeo Czermak, Justine Dupont, Jackson Baker, Connor O’Leary, Laura Enever and Billy Kemper!

The more people that join in our mission, the stronger we are to restore the world’s coral reefs.

Join us and the pros by adopting a coral, donating the amount of your choice, or getting some merchandise to support our work.


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