As you may have noticed by now, with three active coral nursery sites, not a month goes by without our restoration team monitoring one of them.

In March, the team assessed the health and growth of the corals in Piha’ena, which are showing inspiring results…so much that they added a new nursery structure to make room for more ropes of baby corals. The growth of the micro-fragments we created as part of our workshop with our mentor, Dr. Vaughan, are confirming that this method is more suited to grow corals in a land-based nursery, which we will be opening in the next few months!

This past month, we started the redesign process of our headquarters with Zac, an industrial designer from New York, to enhance our workspace and improve efficiency. Our restoration team also got a new toy – Blackbird II, our new boat, to make sure that our mission is smooth sailing.

In case you missed it, we launched our second Impact Report in March, highlighting our achievements of 2021 - another milestone in the books with a solid year of exponential growth.

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