The past month of April started off with a bang with the visit of our new ambassadors, Juanpa Zurita and Hannah Stocking, who joined us to raise awareness about the coral reef crisis and help us in our effort to plant one million corals by 2025. To have an insider look at how the week went down along with some special behind-the-scenes footage, check our latest vlog on our YouTube channel:

Our restoration crew was in the water from sun up to sun down, assisting Juanpa and Hannah to start off our mass transplant effort, while continuing to monitor over 4,000 corals in our Tiaia nursery. The results are confirming that these babies are more than ready to be planted back onto the reef. To transplant the corals, our team will trim each rope coral into pieces and cement them into damaged areas of the reef, while the rest of the fragments will keep on growing in the nursery. As for the cookies, we will take each matured coral cookie and find the perfect placement within the existing ecosystem.

The CG Labs joined us this April for a field mission, bringing our headquarters to a full house with staff, partners, engineers and members of the Nature Conservancy. While they were here, the team updated our AI platform, ReefOS, building a new camera and mobile Wi-Fi connector to stream the images in order to train the AI model. We are also creating a new ocean tech to help us monitor the reefs, along with other exciting innovation projects that we’ll reveal very soon! Stay tuned for more updates from the Labs.

In case you missed it, this past month we released We The Reef, a program designed to collaborate with like-minded businesses who want to support us financially and join us in saving the reef.


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