The month of May brought a lot of new life to Coral Gardeners, amping up our mass transplantation planting a total of 4,203 corals from our Tiaia nursery. These efforts put us on track to double our number of corals planted and bring plants to over 30,000 in total by the end of 2022.

You can still adopt corals for our Tiaia nursery. When you take direct action today through adopting a coral fragment, you will help us reach our target of planting 30,000 corals by the end of 2022. Let's build this nursery up together!

In May, we had the chance to welcome our partners from North Sails on Mo’orea, where they got some hands-on learning about reef restoration and even planted some corals themselves. We also worked on our new collaborative capsule collection that we released this month to raise awareness from the shores to the streets. Be sure to check it out.

May was a very busy month, as typical for us, ending with an invite to participate in the Blue Climate Summit in French Polynesia – a high-level event discussing innovations and solutions for climate change. Here we got to present our AI platform, ReefOS, showing how it will revolutionize ocean conservation, and had the immense pleasure of meeting ocean legend, Sylvia Earle, joining a sailing trip to the nearby islands with her, and then showing her our coral gardens back in Cook's Bay. We’re still in awe of this special week, humbled by the advice and support of our new ambassador, Sylvia.

In case you missed it – our very own Aquaman, Maoritai, was featured in Corona's Free Range Humans series this past month. Make sure to watch the episode to learn about the unique story of an ocean kid whose whole life is intertwined with the health of the coral reefs and, therefore, is now on a mission to save them.


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