Hi fam,

After a high-intensity year in 2021, we put together the results of our work to release our second Impact Report and I can promise this past year has been the most impactful yet.

Here are some of the highlights that I am psyched to share with you:

2021, a year of exceptional growth for Coral Gardeners

2021 was a year of exceptional growth, focused on seeding more corals in our nursery in preparation for future mass transplant, when we expect to plant in one year as many corals as we planted over the last 4 years – more than 15,000 corals. This highly anticipated transplant is made possible by the increase of more than 60% of the corals in our nurseries compared to last year, thanks to new sites and new methods, a statistic that was not an easy journey to perfect that has since become our craft.

Expanding and raising awareness worldwide

The year started with a bang, as we received a grant from the National Geographic Society, along with my new title as a Nat Geo Explorer – allowing me and my team to achieve our first steps towards expansion with two field missions in the Tuamotu Archipelago. I also had the chance to stand on a global stage at the United Nations in Geneva, where I spoke about CG’s innovative approach to reef conservation and the importance of our Polynesian roots. We also kept increasing our impact locally, on Mo’orea, by educating more islanders through a series of workshops and events.

We take innovation to the next level

Another proud moment was the launch of Coral Gardeners Labs and its first AI platform, ReefOS. Now, thanks to ReefOS livestream, people can experience the reef from anywhere around the world – something I have dreamed of ever since I started Coral Gardeners. We also got to collaborate with new mentors, scientists, engineers, partners, and ambassadors. With the combination of all of these exciting new connections, our movement kept on growing in 2021 and will continue to help us scale up in the future.

2021 was one hell of a year, and it has set the tone for the exciting times ahead of restoring coral reefs around the world. Thank you for supporting us, we hope you enjoyed the ride. 

Click here to read Coral Gardeners Impact Report 2021


Maūruuru roa for your support,

Titouan Bernicot, Founder and CEO of Coral Gardeners


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